The clean solution


Integrated reverse osmosis for M-iQ

The optional GiO-TECH module removes virtually all minerals from the water, including bacteria and viruses. It provides the purest water for the final rinse, a critical stage of the dishwashing cycle which ensures brilliant and hygienic results for everything from cutlery, glassware and dishware to pots and pans.

The benefits of the GiO-TECH module are immediately apparent right from the planning stage thanks to its simple, space-saving design and installation. It also scores highly in terms of customer service and maintenance thanks to its one-size-fits-all configuration for all dishwasher sizes. Customers are delighted with how quickly an investment in GiO-TECH pays for itself – and of course it produces brilliant results that create a fantastic all-round impression. Finally, GiO-TECH offers outstanding environmental and hygiene credentials by making careful use of resources and focusing on top-notch cleanliness – all very much in tune with our motto of "MEIKO – The clean solution"!

Integrated reverse osmosis for commerical dishwashing machines

Integrated reverse osmosis for M-iQ