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MEIKO Preventative Maintenance

MEIKO Preventative Maintenance

A well maintained warewashing machine minimizes the risk of untimely breakdowns, maximizes efficiency, and ultimately saves you money!

  • Reduce emergency service inconveniences
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Increase the life of your dish or glasswasher
  • Save money and let someone else worry about reliability

Planned Preventative Maintenance - It Makes Sense!

A Pro-Activ Service Program from MEIKO offers the best after-sales support in the North American market.
MEIKO customers expect the most professional after-sales support from the industry’s market leading supplier of warewashing systems, and we’re here to deliver on that expectation!

MEIKO offers: 

  • The best breakdown support in the market.
  • Tailored maintenance packages by factory-trained dedicated warewashing engineers.
  • Optional extensions to the manufacturer’s warranty. Extended warranties are available on all MEIKO appliances.
  • Our dedication and commitment to providing the highest standard of after sales service to users of MEIKO warewashing appliances.
  • MEIKO team members have access to a complete set of spare parts for all models, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Options
MEIKO offers a complete after-sales, Pro-Activ Service Program and Extended Warranty option that can be tailored to your individual requirements to guarantee the best possible protection for your MEIKO investment.
Contact us today to learn more about our specialized service and maintenance programs, and let MEIKO handle your warewashing-service worries for you!

Tailored Maintenance Options
In addition to the options outlined above, MEIKO also offers service and maintenance packages tailored to suit the precise needs of customers.
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