The clean solution


MEIKO's AZP 80 is an advanced, high-capacity waste food handling system that reduces food and mixed waste volume by up to 85%.
Wave water

Normal kitchen waste, with its high water content, is an ideal carrier for disease and odors. The AZP 80 solves these problems by reducing food waste to a nearly dry and odorless pulp, using a tungsten carbide grinding mechanism and a dewatering press. An automatic flushing mechanism keeps the unit operating at maximum efficiency during peak loads.

MEIKO food waste treatment appliances convert problematic food waste that can be difficult to be disposed, into a bio-waste which can be easily handled and used as composting material.  It also reduces costs associated with waste transportation, disposal and pest control. The AZP 80 is easy to operate, clean and service.

Like all of MEIKO’s products, we want to find a solution right for your and your kitchen.

The AZP 80 has many available options including:
Left-to-right or right-to-left operation
Choice of waste chute directions: Front, rear or inline
Choice of either freestanding configuration or two different water trough recirculation pumps, to accommodate a variety of flushing trough systems

Product lines and configurations may vary from one country to the next due to statutory requirements or other reasons. Please check with your local trade partner. They will be happy to find a machine that meets your specific requirements. Technical modifications reserved.