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Blue operating concept - Innovative dishwashing technology

M-iClean – Blue efficiency: intuitive, ergonomic and logical operating concept

All MEIKO dishwashers are designed and built to provide maximum effiency. That's what customer expect - and that's exactly what they get. But the M-iClean raises the bar even further. Equipped with the full spectrum of innovative dishwashing technology, its intuitive operating concept ensures maximum effiency and reliability.

M-iClean operation: intuitive, ergonomic, logicalM-iClean operation: intuitive, ergonomic, logical

Clarity is our number one priority. The M-iClean is tremendously reliable and easy to operate. And it all comes down to colours. Any part of the M-iClean that is coloured blue or illuminated in blue can be touched, operated or cleaned. This colour code prevents operator errors and accidental interruption of the wash process.

The blue-lit touch display only ever shows the exact functions that can be performed at that specific moment in time. And the dynamic blue progress bar clearly indicates how much of the program cycle has already been completed. The blue components inside the machine, such as the practical M-iClean filter, are the components that can easily be checked or cleaned by the machine operator.

Technology and beauty go hand-in-hand

Two become one: the M-iClean uses a specially designed, stainless steel combined wash and rinse arm which harmoniously combines the machine's Wash and Rinse functions.

Benefits of the combined system:
  1. Zero risk of arms obstructing each other
  2. Made from durable and robust material
  3. Very easy to clean

Easy to clean, zero hassle

The M-iClean filter is simple to remove and clean – one smooth pull is all the effort required for reliable dirt removal and user-friendly cleaning! Of course the fact that it's blue clearly tells you "I'm part of MEIKO's blue operating concept. You can take me out, clean me and pop me back in. Just like that!" And for extra peace of mind, the M-iClean automatically checks that you've put everything back in the right place.

Blaues Bedienkonzept - M-iClean
Innovative dishwashing techology with the blue operating concept

M-iClean – Blue efficiency with intuitive operating concept