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Product guide for new businesses:

Commercial dishwashing machines for all types of food-service establishment

If you want to set up your own bar, restaurant or café, you will be confronted with a whole range of regulations, licences and requirements, most of which are incredibly detailed. All of this is generally aimed at maintaining high standards of hygiene, meaning there are a number of aspects to consider when purchasing the right dishwashing machine. Kitchen planning can therefore quickly become a challenge for start-ups.

There are a huge number of models of food-service dishwashing machine from which to choose. All business owners must first work out what kind of dishwashing machine is suitable for their individual concepts, at the same time, ensuring that it complies with all required standards. All the more important, then, to get the kind of good advice and reliable, professional service provided by the specialists in warewashing technology at MEIKO.

Dishwasher diversity

Different dishwashing machines for different jobs: a small café will need a different dishwashing machine to a full-size restaurant. A bar with an odd-shaped kitchen will need a different dishwashing machine to a large canteen. The right appliance exists for every environment and concept.


MEIKO offers a wide range of products: undercounter dishwashing machines, hood type dishwashing machinesutensil washers, conveyor dishwashing machines and glasswashers. Which is right for you? That will depend on what kind of washware you want to clean, as well as on a number of other factors. The following questions should help you explore these factors:

  • What do I need to wash?
  • How much do I need to wash?
  • Where will I wash it?
  • How fast do we need to wash it?

Hygiene: what are the legal requirements?

In food service, it is simply expected that all crockery, cutlery, glassware, etc. is hygienic. The food safety laws and standards are particularly important to businesses for two reasons:

  1. keeping out of trouble with the council or other authorities and maintaining a good reputation.
  2. Just imagine: one single diner might feel unwell after a meal or a drink in your restaurant, café or bar. That kind of news spreads like wildfire and can quickly kill a business, since diners may choose to stay away. That mechanism is international – restaurants in Germany, Hong Kong and New York all face that same challenge.

It is therefore vital to have your own system to monitor hygiene in your establishment. The HACCP principles are important for this. HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. These principles were developed to help to detect and eliminate risks to hygiene, including in the dishwashing area. When purchasing a commercial dishwashing machine, you should therefore check that it is already adapted to meet all the required standards. It is important that you reference the food safety regulations and other local regulations when looking into this.

Before making a purchase, check that the required codes are included in the device description.

What a commercial dishwashing machine should be able to do

A smooth-running kitchen requires a professional dishwashing machine. For you, as an independent restaurateur, this will come down to four points in your day-to-day operations:


  1. Appliances which are both simple and easy to use.
  2. Reliably hygienic cleaning.
  3. A long service life with as few problems as possible.
  4. Good ergonomics which keep physical strain to a minimum.

These criteria are all particular focus points for MEIKO when designing commercial dishwashing machines. After all, ergonomically designed work areas and equipment also play a crucial role in making a food-service business profitable since they can, for example, minimise the risk of staff absences due to illness. In day-to-day operations, too, kitchen experts are enthusiastic about the performance of these professional appliances.


With regard to ergonomics, Olivier Legentil chef of hotel Napoleon in Paris says, "the team appreciates the very intuitive aspect of the touchscreen in particular." The simplicity and ergonomics of the machine allow the staff to be more efficient and put their time to better use. Loading/unloading is now much simpler and more comfortable. This means the process is easier on the back and muscles and allows staff to save time.

Good service is worth its weight in gold

Aside from all the technical details and other conditions you need to think about when purchasing your first commercial dishwashing machine, you should also remember that good, reliable service from the manufacturer is hugely valuable. Once your restaurant, café or bar is up and running, there is nothing worse than the dishwashing machine suddenly failing. Then, quick and simple specialist assistance is worth its weight in gold in keeping your food-service business running. With that in mind, you're in the right place if you go to the warewashing technology specialists at MEIKO.