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MEIKO customer service “big plus” for Glan Clwyd Hospital

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The big plus in MEIKO’s favour was the customer service back-up delivered by MEIKO Technical Services

Glan Clwyd Hospital has almost 700 beds and is heading towards the final stages of a seven-year refurbishment that includes new kitchen and dishwash facilities, designed and kitted out by Lockhart Catering Equipment.

The dishwash area itself is unusual because it features several large windows overlooking a courtyard garden, filling the area with natural light.

Installed and commissioned by MEIKO in April, three machines – flight dishwasher, potwasher and twin-rack dishwasher, all with built-in heat recovery, plus tabling – replaced an aged 18-year old flight system from another manufacturer.

Glan Clwyd Assistant Catering Manager Peter Bell explained that, “MEIKO won the tender because it offered equipment that met our expectations in terms of improved environmental performance and economy over its working life, combined with MEIKO’s ability to consistently deliver high levels of customer service.

“Our Catering Manager, Karl Berry, received honest feedback on MEIKO’s support from site visits to hospitals in South Wales.

“We already had MEIKO door type machines and undercounter dishwashers within the hospital, so we knew how good their response is. The big plus in MEIKO’s favour was the customer service back-up delivered by MEIKO Technical Services.”

Both the door type DV270.2 potwasher and twin-rack DV200.2 machine feature AirConcept heat recovery, which helps to minimize ventilation requirements by recycling waste heat and steam to pre-heat incoming cold water.

The M-iQ flight machine features a ‘back to front’ airflow; hot air and steam from the rinse section is directed to the front of the machine, saving energy by maintaining heat in the wash and pre-wash sections and cutting emission of hot waste air. Depending on the configuration and site conditions, exhaust air volume reduction can be up to 90 per cent!

The twin-rack dishwasher additionally features MEIKO’s GiO built-in reverse osmosiswater treatment that provides sparking clean ‘hand polished’ results, especially on cutlery and glassware. It also reduces consumption of chemicals such as detergent and rinse aid.

Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.

Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.