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Bangi Golf Resort

MEIKO meets all the hygiene requirements of a five-star resort

Bangi Golf Resort Malaysia

"The main reasons we opted for MEIKO were the robust performance of its machines and the top-notch support."

Bangi Golf Resort, Selangor, Malaysia, shares its location on the highest peak in the region – Bandar Baru Bangi – with the picturesque 5-star conference resort Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya. Located midway between Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the city centre, Bangi is surrounded by lush countryside, wonderful vistas and enjoys the most serene environment.

MEIKO’s contribution to this tranquillity, has been in the form of an FV130.2 universal washer, selected by Soh Chung-Ky, Executive Director of Bangi Golf Resort and the adjacent Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya. “We primarily use the machine for the sanitisation of chopping boards and the main reason for choosing MEIKO is the solid performance of the machine plus superior support from the really professional and knowledgeable team from MEIKO Malaysia.

“Chemical, energy and water saving features played less of a role in my selection because achieving reliable temperature sanitisation process was the key issue.

"We can always count on MEIKO to have a representative on site to help us with technical issues and machine calibration."

“We use the MEIKO FV130.2 primarily for the washing and sanitisation of all chopping boards deployed across our kitchens. Our Hygiene and Sanitisation Procedure requires for all operational chopping boards to be washed and sanitised once every 4 hours. The MEIKO FV130.2 has made this process simple to execute and extremely effective.

“Our recent microbial swab test results on the chopping boards for pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and coliform have indicated that the MEIKO FV130.2 performed better than many of our past sanitation methods.

“We can always count on MEIKO to have a representative on site to help us with technical issues and machine calibration. They are always concerned about our wash quality and never stop helping us perform better.”