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    What does the new MEIKO KA Series rack-conveyor dishwasher have in common with an airplane?

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    It’s hard to believe, but MEIKO’s new KA Series rack-conveyor dishwasher does have features in common with airplanes!

    It's sealing tape used in the manufacturing process, consisting of a unique silicone foam with acrylic adhesive on one side. So how did this unusual material make its way from the aerospace engineering industry to warewashing technology? 

    When the KA Series rack-conveyor dishwasher was being developed, its modular design posed a challenge for our engineers: How do you seal large sections of metal sheeting across adjacent modules, especially if the surfaces aren't even? The sealant also needed be multi-purpose, easy to fit and durable. Not to mention that it had to be able to withstand wide swings in temperatures since the water temperatures inside commercial dishwashers can range from 140⁰F to 185⁰F. The sealant also had to be able spring back into shape quickly if it became bent. 

    Research revealed that seals in airplanes must meet similar demands, so our engineers tested, and then chose, aeronautical sealing tape. It’s a product that meets the highest of standards. And it’s right in line with the MEIKO promise of using only the best materials available. That’s why ‘Made by MEIKO’ represents quality, reliability and value, always in harmony with the environment. 

    But ‘Made by MEIKO’ is about more than just using the best materials. It’s our promise to our customers that we will listen, think critically, analyze, and test the efficiency and effectiveness of every product we build, over and over again. Because that is the only way we can meet the everyday challenges our customers face.

    At MEIKO, we’re continually developing new cleaning technologies, always with the bigger picture in mind: people, nature and resources. MEIKO takes on the challenge to create the world’s best cleaning technology with the introduction of the KA Series rack-conveyor dishwasher. MEIKO: The clean solution.