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    MEIKO Wins Kitchen Innovation Award 2016

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    Nashville, Tennessee (March 3, 2016) – MEIKO wins the prestigious foodservice industry award for its GreenEye technology.

    MEIKO is raising the bar on water conservation with its GreenEye-Technology® integrated system for flight- type warewashers. A light coaching system indicates which conveyor belt should be filled with for maximum water efficiency. Sensors detect where the ware is, and these lanes are then targeted for optimal delivery of fresh rinse water only where needed.

    All other final rinse systems deliver water across the full width of the conveyor belt, leading to significant waste in water, energy and chemical use, as well as environmental impact. As the spray arms cannot differentiate between a single plate and a sheet pan, a great deal of fresh water is lost and rinse aid is wasted, delivered to empty areas of the conveyor belt.

    MEIKO’s GreenEye-Technology® system dramatically reduces this waste. By promoting teamwork between the operator and the machine, final rinse water consumption (depending on the type and amount of ware being loaded) can be reduced by up to 66%. This also proportionally reduces the use of heating energy and chemicals. Operating expenses are significantly improved and environmental impact is reduced.