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The clean solution


Save money and energy

MEIKO is the leading brand for all forms of belt conveyor and automatic basket transport machines. Quality, technology, very many advantages for the customer and exceptional economy have created the B- and K-Tronic’s success. Now we have made its already outstanding low energy consumption even more efficient.

Top-Five Low-Energy-Managements

We have optimised the energy management system of our very well known B- and K-Tronic machines with the five pioneering innovations, which create significant savings in energy consumption and ensure even greater hygiene and quality of the working environment.

Awarded with the 2005 Dr Georg Triebe Prize for innovation.

Top 1
Detailed optimisation has increased the efficiency of exhaust air heat recovery up to 20%.

Top 2
Significant reductions in the heat and humidity in the exhaust air have produced an exceptional reduction on the demands placed on the “air treatment plant” (RLT).   

Top 3
Optimally pre-heating the rinsing water has reduced the heating energy consumption in the flow heater up to 20%.

Significant improvements to the air supply in the drying cycle have reduced blower demand and heating energy consumption by 30% up to 50%.

Top 5 
A new process technology with process-oriented energy distribution ensures optimised adaptation to changing operating conditions. (Washing start-up, main washing operations, stand-by etc).

  • The exhaust air is automatically controlled in line with throughput.
  • Permanently stable tank temperatures help to safeguard high-quality cleaning.

LEM Low-Energy-Management

  • Reduced energy consumption and overall energy management
  • Reduction in the connected load by up to 30% through machine optimization
  • Process oriented energy redistribution adapted to the actual operating condition