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The clean solution

Gas condensing-boiler technology

The energy saving concept that makes a difference with gas in commercial dishwashing

Nowadays, one can hardly imagine a professional kitchen that does not use gas as an energy source or as a heating medium. What then is more logical than to take advantage of the economical and ecological benefits of gas within the wash-up area.

MEIKO has consequently followed this line of thought and has now developed a concept that sets totally new standards for both:

  • economical targets
  • ecological standpoints

With this concept, the heating energy required by the dishwasher in order to achieve a perfect hygienic cleaning result, is generated, by a MEIKO condensing gas boiler PWM.

This latest technology works towards a dramatic reduction of energy costs and provides a measurable benefit to the environment.

Function of the MEIKO condensing gas boiler PWM

Using the combustible heat of the gas and the condensation heat of the exhaust gas, the PWM boiler-produces hot water at approximately 90° C.

This water is then used in a closed circuit system to provide all of the heating requirements of the dishwashing machine with the heating energy needed for a hygienic cleaning result:

  • Tank heating for temperatures of 55 - 65° C in main wash zones
  • Booster heater for temperatures of 80 - 85° C in the fresh water final rinse
  • Drying section (belt conveyor machines) for temperatures of 55 – 60°C

Gas fired condensing boiler: A convincing energy saving concept

As washing dishes is the most important function of the wash-up area, the control of the PWM boiler is controlled directly through the dishwashing machine.

The advantage to the operators:

  • the daily wash-up operation from start to finish is carried out as normal on the dishwasher
  • no additional operating or monitoring control is necessary

According to the required heating capacity, three models of PWM condensing gas boilers are available, ranging from a heating capacity of 6.0 kW through to 60.0 kW, and designed to suit all types of wash-up operations.

It is therefore also possible to supply two dishwashing machines working independently from one another, but with the heating energy of only one MEIKO PWM condensing gas boiler. This is especially interesting for instance if a utensil washer is operated within the same area as the dishwashing machine.

Should a heating capacity of more than 60 kW be required, then two boilers can be coupled.

Advantages provided by gas-heated MEIKO-dishwashing machines

  • Fixed costs avoiding peak rate charges
  • Reduced running costs
  • Short pay back periods
  • Protection of the environment by using the oldest fossil combustible fuel with the lowest emission
  • Gain of additional electrical capacity, when all electrical lines are already fully loaded
  • With the calorific value technology you will achieve utmost energy output

Other machine models such as pot and utensil washing machines can also be supplied with the PWM gas boiler

Contact us for an individual calculation of operating costs using the PWM heating system:  

Pay back of initial investment is possible within a 12 month period!