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The clean solution

Living at the Fountain

A bubbling fountain of creativity and free-flowing ideas – a place where people from different cultures come together to pursue the vision of making the world a cleaner, more sustainable place. That’s MEIKO.

The image of the fountain brings the MEIKO brand to life and makes it tangible for us. This is our world. It is a message about vitality and humanity, creativity and environmental awareness. Values inextricably associated with our company.

The world around the fountain gives the MEIKO brand a distinctive profile. A profile anyone will recognize anywhere. In our communications, in our job ads, at our trade show stands and presentations, on the Internet. Above all, this profile has a human face. Even though we manufacture complex technical products, they are produced by people, they will be operated by people, and they will eventually serve people.

Living at the Fountain – our trademark for clean solutions around the world. Welcome to a world of open and honest relationships with people, the environment and technology.