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The clean solution

M-iClean U – Undercounter dishwashing machines

Our masterpiece – the gold standard in gastronomy

MEIKO M-iClean U  Undercounter dishwashing machines

Unbeatable versatility

The M-iClean U offers a full range of innovative dishwashing technology, including intuitive operation, efficient warewashing with minimal use of resources and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology. But that's not all. The M-iClean U is also unbeatably versatile and flexible, offering the optimum warewashing experience for every situation.


What baskets are available?

tall beer glasses
pieces of cutlery
large plates
canteen trays

The M-iClean U – your perfect fit
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Shiny dishes – For real folk

It can be this easy

Easy to remove and to clean – MEIKO's blue operating concept makes everything crystal clear. The interior of the appliance is illuminated and operating staff can easily remove and clean all components marked in blue.


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