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Home House London

Extra space and less steam for the Home

It is a definite plus point, especially for the staff working in the dishwashing area

Home House claims the title of ‘London’s most exclusive private members’ club’. It occupies a terrace of Georgian townhouses in Portman Square, W1 and the facilities include restaurants, bars, ‘decadent’ party rooms, an intimate garden, gym, spa, elegant bedrooms and suites.

Tony Pollak is Chief Engineer and he is delighted with the newly installed twin basket DV200.2GiO dishwasher that has been provided with MEIKO’s AirConcept integrated energy saving condensate hood.

“We previously had a MEIKO continuous rack transport machine,” says Pollak, “but when we needed a replacement, we wanted to consider and look at other options.

“Most of our glasswashers here are the MEIKO FV40.2G-GiO machines – we have around five – so we know the quality of the product. But we still needed to look at the market for both rack machines and hood types and obtain competitive quotes for the new system.

“I decided, in conjunction with our chef, that the double hood machine from MEIKO was the best way forward. We used to have considerable problems with condensation, but that has hugely improved thanks to the AirConcept integrated hood. It is a definite plus point, especially for the staff working in the dishwashing area, who like the fact that the atmosphere is now much more pleasant and that the machine is very easy to use.”

The AirConcept system also reduces steam emissions by some 80%

Now available on hood-type machines including DV80.2/120.2/125.2/200.2/200.2PW dishwashers and FV130.2/250.2/270.2 utensil washers, the AirConcept will in most cases, eliminate the need for an overhead extraction canopy, saving thousands of pounds for the user when installed. AirConcept - as part of a heat recovery process - captures the waste air heat from the washing and rinsing process and feeds this hot air back into the machine to pre-heat the incoming cold water. The AirConcept system also reduces steam emissions by some 80%, greatly improving the climate within the wash-up area, resulting in a greatly improved working environment.

Running cost savings are also impressive. With AirConcept installed on the DV200.2GiO double basket pass-through dishwasher, the connected load of the machine reduces by some 2.1Kw, equating to an annual financial saving in the region of £552.00, presuming the machine is operated 8 hours a day, 365 days a year and based on a kW/hour rate of £0.09.

Continues Pollak: “The area itself is compact and the DV200.2GiO takes up a little less space than the rack machine did. This allows MEIKO to extend the tabling to the right hand side of the machine, creating more handling space and adding a small sink, which has made loading the machine much easier.”